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  • How do I upload an Image?
    Make sure you are logged in then drag and drop your image(s) into a collection on the overview page, on a single collection page you can simply drag and drop the image(s) anywhere on the screen.
  • Is there a upload file size limit?
    The current upload limit is 10Mb per file. You can upload as many images as you like.
  • Can I upload a whole folder at once?
    Yes however this feature is in beta and breaks if one of the files in the folder is not an image or larger than the upload limit.
  • Can I upload animated GIFs
    Yes as long they are under 10Mb.
  • What file types can I upload
    We support most image formats. (images/* .gifv .webp)
  • EXIF metadata
    EXIF metadata is removed from all images upon upload. We do not extract or use this data at anytime.
  • Can I upload a (short) video
    Uploading videos is a feature we hope to add soon.
  • I have a comment, suggestion or bug report.
    Feel free to contact me at [email protected]